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Candle Live Wallpaper

0.99 usd

★★★ Features ★★★★ View a brilliant candle on your home screen without the risk of dripping wax and burning flame
★ Use it for lighting your way, adding atmosphere, and playing with (faux) fire for fun
★ Watch the flames follow your movements with realistic physics
★★★ Description ★★★
Enjoy the benefits of candlelight without the dripping wax and risk of burning your Victorian manor to the ground. With this live wallpaper for your Android home screen, you can light the pages of your favorite Gothic romance novel, look for your lost keys in the dark, add atmosphere to a candlelit Christmas ceremony, walk down spooky hallways with maximum creepiness, hold the candle high at concerts like a lighter, and sate your pyromania without risk.
Candle Live Wallpaper lets tilt the display and watch the flames realistically respond to your movement while you navigate your Android home screen. You may forget it's not the real thing!
Only comptatible from Android 2.1
To install: Home->Menu->Wallpaper->Live Wallpapers